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BWEA, British Wind Energy Association

Into the blue – Financing the Future of the Emerging Wave and Tidal Power Sector, May 2004, BWEA report

BWEA, Marine Renewable Energy

BWEA, the path to power: Delivering confidence in Britain’s wave and tidal stream industry, June 2006


The Carbon Trust - Technical Overview of Wave and Tidal Stream Energy

ESRU - Energy Systems Research Unit (Marine Current Resource and Technology Methodology)

Carbon Trust – Marine Energy Challenge

Carbon Trust - Marine Energy Accelerator

Future Marine Energy – Results of the Marine Energy Challenge: Cost competitiveness and growth of wave and tidal stream energy. The Carbon Trust, January 2006

Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland, Harnessing Scotland’s Marine Energy Potential, Marine Energy Group Report, Scottish Executive, 2004

COWRIE Website
Collaborative Offshore Windfarm Research into the Environment (COWRIE) is an independent company set up to raise awareness and understanding of the potential environmental impacts of the UK offshore windfarm programme.

Scottish Natural Heritage Policy Statement (No. 04/01), Marine Renewable Energy and the Natural Heritage: An Overview and Policy Statement


European Ocean Energy Association

European Renewable Energy Council

The European Small Hydropower Association

EWEA, European Wind Energy Association

The Ocean Renewable Energy Group

Offshore Wind Energy Europe


European Commission – Co-ordinated Action on Ocean Energy

European Commission - Introduction to Ocean Energy Systems

Wave Energy Utilization in Europe: Current Status and Perspectives. European Thematic Network on Wave Energy, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), 2002

Wave Energy Centre

Ocean Energy Conversion in Europe: Recent advancements and prospects, CRES, 2006



International Energy Agency – Ocean Energy Systems

Review and Analysis of Ocean Energy Systems Development and Supporting Policies.



Marine Energy Glossary developed by Entec UK Ltd in partnership with the Carbon Trust (2005)

Ocean Energy Glossary by the Wave Energy Centre
Available on both of the below web addresses

Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS)
A portal which manages the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's collection of oceanographic and meteorological data. Includes a glossary of Tide and Current information.

Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP)
Extensive network for monitoring waves along the coastlines of the United States. Contains a glossary of Coastal Engineering Terms.⊂=faq&xitem=glossary

Marine Energy Challenge: Marine Energy Glossary, compiled by Entec UK Ltd, The Carbon Trust 2005

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